I’ll let you know as many people who ask you

I’ll let you know as many people who ask you a question about your diet as possible, so I can tell you how to eat and why you need to eat well.
Exercise is a standard for women who are extremely late workers who want to control their weight at events. It’s a trick I prefer, except for filming of very overweight members or for the purpose of the contest.(Sometimes depending on individual objectives.) Morning – The lowest nutrition time of the day is right after exercising and after waking up in the morning.
Our bodies use more calories than we think when we sleep. We have to get him back on track. He has to have at least six hours of hunger. It takes a lot of nutrition. You should definitely eat. If you’re busy at work, have a little milk before you go to work.
If you have time
Carbohydrates – Eat a little more than fruit, sweet potatoes, rice, and so on. Two cereal bars are also recommended.
Protein – Two low-fat string cheeses (Prego), One or two egg warty whites, 50 grams of chicken breasts, and half a fish.
Fat – 10 almonds, 5 nuts
Eat a combination of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and vegetables each.

Lunch – Take Off Your Diet Stress Don’t insist on chicken breasts or sweet potatoes because they are too soft, and eat a delicious meal with your colleagues at this time. We have to take care of it long enough not to diet in unrealistic forms in the short term. Of course, menus that are too salty or high in carbohydrate fat are harmful.
There are many vegetables in any restaurant. Eat as much as you want.

Snack – Some of you are upset about the word ” snacks ” and eat snacks. In the meantime, using the soothing concept (scientific reason, it’s so difficult to talk about it), you can split the time between lunch and dinner with the proper carbohydrate protein. For instance, at noon and at 6 p.m.
At three o’clock, choose soy milk, milk, and 100 gram tofu products, two slices of low-fat products, or one low-fat string cheese (frigo).

Dinner – This time you’ll all know, you’ll have to be a little careful. It increases the rate of low fat protein and reduces the share of carbohydrates. This is a time when you can’t burn off calories because of low activity. Since you were relieved from stress at lunch, be careful at this time.

Carbohydrate-eat a little less than the size of a fist, fruit, sweet potatoes, rice, and so on. One cereal bar is good.
Protein-fat string cheese (frigo) 3 cheese, 1 egg shell 3 egg, 100 chicken breast, less oil, 150 pork
Vegetables – One cup of any vegetable
Eat each combination of carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables.

Isn’t there anything special?You know, it’s boring, but there’s a big difference between doing it and doing it.

And be sure to keep a meal log as a recommendation.
It’s motivated and has a lot of synergy. In fact, members who keep a diary on the restaurant say many things to be sure and keep them safe throughout the day. It’s a constant motivation.And you can see the flow? I do not prefer to follow me to those who live in society. Dining together is also part of social life and is an unconditional exercise diet, something you can not force. Rather, I tell you to take up a three-day dinner or an appointment for the fourth, so you shouldn’t be stressed out, attend, and do it again the day after you control the sheep. In reality, I think it’s important to find a way to blend into your life and diet.(health, photography, marriage, etc.) I do it by calculating calories according to circumstances, but ..) If you do not have a special purpose, please do not choose the right diet to make the perfect calorie-cap onni chicken breast sweet potato, stress, self-repression, and make the best of it.
It was not the best of the best, but it was the diet tips of the novice trainer.

Ps. For those of you who have answered the question, I’d like to let you know as much as I can. You could spend the morning instead. Please don’t ask a question without greeting. I felt burdened.

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