Today I’d like to talk to you about some questions about muscular pain.

Today I’d like to talk to you about some questions about muscular pain.

But what I should keep in mind is my subjective viewpoint through the experience.
I would like to refer to the professional information and the books,
I don’t believe in such things.; I should try it myself
Only then will it fit.He is a stubborn man who doesn’t judge for himself.

What I want to do is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what I felt.

And I don’t know if I’m the answer. Please note that there may be an objection, and read it to me. I think it’s only when you have muscle pain that it has become exercise.
Or rather,

Exercise is a physical exercise, so if you burn calories, it’s a workout.
But I did a squat, a rudgee, expecting Apple hip.
Have no muscle in the hip or leg
I did a lap-out but I don’t have any back muscle.
I have a strange stiff neck.
That would make me unable to get the exercise I wanted.

The boy we want, the muscle,
You exercise, you give stimulation, you hurt yourself.
So the muscle aches come.
It is said that the muscle grows through nutrition and relaxation.
The reason for the failure of the stimulus Well, let me put it this way.

1. It was too easy.
2. I couldn’t isolate the part I wanted to exercise in properly.
3. For the above reasons, only the moves to move the body without isolation were implemented.

That sounds like it!

First, explain the reason why 1
Our bodies are frighteningly fast to adapt to. No matter how long you walk or stand, muscular pain doesn’t come back to your legs the next day.
This is because my legs are already used to walking and standing!

If you take an arm exercise every day and you repeat 10 times,
It was hard at first, but then it didn’t feel hard because the body adjusted.

So if you keep changing the intensity, the number, the method, the way you work, it would help your body to change, and why two or three? Isolated exercises.
This can be a very difficult part for novice athletes.

The foundations of weight training are built through an isolation movement.
So even at the gym, you can do your own weight.

Exercise via instruments is recommended for beginners, rather than equipment.
That’s why I do it.

Because it’s the balloon that helps you to relax and move around only where you want to exercise.

So, to give you an example of arm exercise,
Assuming you have a bucket in your hand.
When you curl up your arm and lift up the bucket, you get the porpader exercising a lot.
The arm muscles are working now.

His shoulders don’t move. His wrists don’t move.
I’ll just bend over my elbows. This is what you want to do, but isolating it is called isolation.

In the video, I bent my knees and stretched, and then folded my pelvis.
You’ll do it.

But when these areas are not properly isolated and others are used,
You can’t be isolated. You can’t get your movement to work properly.

So, I wouldn’t have to ask you to copy the video without thinking,
And that’s why it takes more precise posture exercises to build the body that you want, so I followed that video, and I used a fattock.
If you don’t have muscle pain in your forearms, I’d like to ask you to go ahead and try
I recommend you watch the motion of the video several times and practice it correctly.
I told you, after practicing and working out,
Next time you copy it, you’ll do well by yourself !!
That’s the only part of the body that’s more likely to get the exercise done correctly.
Now, if you change the intensity, if you change the position a little bit, if you change the exercise in different ways.

I have a mistake to suffer from muscle pain every day.All over

I also have difficulty waking up every morning after exercising every day because of my muscle pain.

And every morning when you feel muscle pain,

Oh, you did a great job on that. Good job.

I feel like … proud.

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