Story of Bijindo II Hansando by boat in Tongyeong.

Story of Bijindo II Hansando by boat in Tongyeong.After touring Yongchodo Island from MunbalchI, I reached the harbor in about 30 minutes.

Bijindo Island is divided into the inner harbor village and the outer harbor village, and most of them landed in the outer harbor village where the beach is visible, but I landed in the inner harbor village.He put down his backpack and set out on a trek across the Korean-Choro, Badabaek-ri Road in Hallyeosudo Island.

Something is rustling in the dense forest.Get a scolding
I could feel the scent of an island that was white and pure. There was only one small shop that sold pajeon in makgeolli and told us about the island, so the restaurant had a luxurious atmosphere.Although the area was able to feel the appearance of an island forming several and changing little by little, the outer port of the island was still kept intact with an emerald sea.

We walked not toward the Beauty Observatory but in the direction of Bijinam Rock, Kalchi Rock, and Gorado Tower, Seonyubong Peak.
When we passed Bijinam Rock and arrived at Galchi Rock, we had a good time. Sunset is magnificent, falling below the horizon, and the view below the cliff is also wonderful. If you have a night’s stay, be sure to feel the relaxation here.After taking pictures and looking back for a while, I have to go to the sea to say hello.

As you walk along the road, you will see Noroseo Observatory, and you will not be allowed to camp in National Park.A chair appeared on Techt out of consideration for tourists. The promise of a night’s stay has gone, but how can I throw caution to others to satisfy my greed?

Noroja, we went up a long, steep dirt road from the observatory.Be on the oil wellThe observatory has surveillance cameras and infrared senses to stop camping out to an increasing number of rude campers.I went to the famous beauty observatory with a rumor that only beauties can go though I was hurt.Ji-hyun and Seong-kyoon, who went together, said, ” It was the best time of the day. “What can I do?If you look around the observatory, the island has cool sea on both sides, and in the middle, Mongdol beach and sand beach are clearly divided into mysterious beaches, and your eyes were turned to luxury.

Darkness falls when we step into the outer village.
Night hiking is not planned, but sometimes it makes good memories from relaxing.

The night on the coral reef is shining. He flashed again just as he was about to suspect snow, and is convinced it is a firefly.I was so glad to see you. How could you know that small lights in the dark can make you feel so deep? Jihyeon said that she would see fireflies for the first time.Therefore, his eyes were especially focused.

The wind is strong on the dark.The rough waves blew on us.

Only after smelling the rice and the strong smell of the family in an alley in Oejun Village can the family say hello.
I walked out of the alley and headed up the Seongae Village Pass. There is little light from the street lamps. A gloomy feeling springs up.
In this situation, horror movies are perfect, but after I told her a few words, she saved words because she was about to hit me.

I was so relieved and looked forward that another firefly who is glad to see me is touching the road. It was a moment when I felt that the night view of the island was also good. He said he walked 11 kilometers with Seong-gyoon’s watch, but with the permission of the chief, he prepared dinner as soon as he arrived at the closed playground campsite where he will stay overnight. We have no word with each other.
It is not easy to relax the hungry stomach until you are satisfied with soothing it, as if you had walked 30km well past the peak of the mountain. I asked Seong-gyun to light the fire in his tent to take pictures with Ji-hyun and Ten-pung, but the fire was put out immediately and there was no response.
Unlike me who likes to see and feel things in person, Ji-hyeon seems to grow up over the young backpacking talent.Let’s cry hard.
The jist is usually good at encouraging others by themselves. Ulsan is associated with Gupro Street. My account balance is not going to be that different, but I am sure.After spending the rest of our lives busy taking care of our family members, the memories of our 20s and 30s that we used to enjoy became our biggest asset.
I’ll be …Coming Soon in Bijindo

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