It is said to be in the process of temporarily closing Boracay Island

It is said to be in the process of temporarily closing Boracay Island, a popular resort in the Philippines where environmental pollution problems are reported.

Some resorts are already closed for environmental cleanup.

Special correspondent Min Young-kyu reports from Hanoi.

The waste water from somewhere flows into the sea constantly, without any cleanup facilities.

Sea water is even reluctant to immerse your feet.

It is a beach in Boracay, a famous resort in the Philippines where Korean tourists visit the most after the Chinese.

The two tereute the Philippines ‘ president recently called gutter here seems, doesn’t mean it is wrong.

For this reason, the Philippines government is taking steps to completely close down the island to clean up the environment in Boracay Island.

Local media say a resort that has been granted permission to use the mountain for sightseeing has already been suspended because of cancellation.

The Philippine president said that it was “The two tereute of Boracay Island in the president sent Marine Corps and will not hesitate to bomb illegal structures” a spokesman for the palace.

The two tereute at Boracay island is president and consider declaring a state of emergency.

The Philippines has suspended giving new licenses to hotels and resorts for six months.

It is highly likely that the entire Boracay Islands will be closed from June to September during the off-season.

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