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AMD previously introduced its ” Rano ” A-Series, a code name, in 2011, and introduced a rather radical product called APU, which combines CPU and GPU with Trinity, Ricceland and Cabery.

Now you may think it is quite natural for a processor to have a GPU with CPU combined with GPU, but at that time, it was a very innovative product as it generally depended on the main board.

But were they too ahead of their time? The APU processor, released by AMD, is shunned by its users. At the time, AMD APU products had a GPU with higher performance than the original graphics on its main board, but they are still far behind the main CPU performance of its rivals, and far below that of lower-end graphics cards. ‘

Although AMD’s APU processor has been so forgotten, it will change dramatically with the introduction of ZEN microarchitecture in 2017. AMD, which has not overcome CPU performance 13 since Intel’s Core 2 DUO Series, but it has finally put its hands on its rivals by remaking the existing ” bulldozer ” architecture and redesigning it.

Based on this, AMD released a product this year that can be called the real APU. It is a raven Ridgen APU Series with ZEN microarchitecture and Vega GPU. Lyzen-5 2400G APU APU is the highest ravelist processor to be released so far with VEGA 11 GPU, and we will take a closer look at it in this review.

AMD has the concept of a raven ridge that is a ” convergence ” between the IVS processor and VEGA GPU.

The Lyzen-5 2400G is a processor that combines the Reizen CPU core developed with the Jen microarchitecture and the GPU core designed with the Radeon RX Vega microarchitecture in one.

The performance of the CPU is beyond question. The Zen architecture applied to the Raizen Series provides superior performance by significantly improving the IPC (per-clock performance) by more than 40 percent over the CPU of AMD’s bulldozer architecture. Although some say that the IPC performance is slightly lower than that of the rival CPU, it compensates for this with more 4- CT threads and the clock speed of 3. .Hz boost clock 3.9 GHz.

In addition, the Lyzen 2400G, which is equipped with the latest GCN Vega 11 GPU, had 704 stream processors, 16 ROP textures and 44 units built into it, compared to the competitors ` internal GPU. The operating speed is set to 1.25GHz, providing performance that will not be compared to Intel HD 630 GPU.

Moreover, the TDP has excellent power consumption efficiency at 65 Watts, and is priced at $ 169, $ 13 less than its competitors ‘ .008 processors. For .800, the market price is $ 182.

Ravenredge Leizen 5G is the APU processor. AMD has traditionally sorted the main board sockets for APU only, but from the ” AM4 ” standard socket released when the Lyzen Series was released, the general CPU and APU processor are integrated into the standard neun004 processor.

Detailed chipsets may include a variety of chipsets, such as the A320, ,50, and X20, but personally the Lyzen-5 2400G processor considers the ” .50 ” chipset main board to be both priced and functional.

As a result, ASUS launched ASUS, the ASUS PRIME B 350 M-A main board, from the existing Lyzen main board, for testing purposes. However, the latest BIOS update is required to use the ravelist processor on the existing .50 main board. If it is not possible to properly detect the ravelist processor on the .50 main board, then it is recommended to update the BIOS.

I have learned that ASUS Mainboards update BIOS using a simple BIOS update tool called ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility in the BIOS.

The EZ Flash utility supports automatic updating via Internet connection so that the BIOS update files can be retrieved and updated automatically when a radian is connected.

For more information on the ASUS PRIME B 350 M-A main board, refer to the previously created Cavenzich Review (http://www.kbench.com/?q=node/179244).

■ What is the Reizen 5G CPU performance like?

Lizen’s ” ZEN ” microarchitecture performance is said to have caught up with Intel’s Haswell or Broadwell’s IPC performance.

24 5 raijen g processor is 3.6 eight thread and (simultaneous multithreading) are enforced and that 4 core operating speed is 3.6 3.9 in ghz ghz to operate and has a high performance cpu.Is expected to.

The test fixed the coullock of Intel’s Coffee Lake I600K processor to 4.0 GHz, and then cut down the number of cores to test the virtual .8350 processor, which is a rival product of the Lyzen-5 2400G processor.

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