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If Blue Hole’s Battle Ground and Epic’s Port Knight : Battle Royale are currently competing against each other over the PC Battle Royal Game, the mobile market is still far from being associated with Battle Royal.

But as the two games continue to rise in popularity, the popularity of Battle Royale is now moving from PC package games to mobile games.

Many post-monal Royal games have already appeared on the mobile phone, but it was difficult to find the completeness of the game such as Battle Ground and Port Night on the PC.

Recently, the mobile battlefield was launched in earnest in the United States and Europe on March 20, along with the news of the release of Battle Ground Mobile with full license in China.

KeibenchI’s mobile battlefield was launched in North America.

The beginning of the PC Battleground and the beginning of the Mobile Battle Ground sections are the same.

Mobile Battle Ground supports guest and Facebook logins from a connection, and the beginning of the game begins with character creation only slightly different from the fact that no special subscription is required.

The basic character tiles that appeared on the PC board can be decorated just like the characters on the PC board.

In addition, a graphic option selection screen appears with character creation, which can be selected according to the performance of the smartphone.

Even the main lobby is designed to look like a PC board, and it has its own unique mission and events.

It also features Crews, which look like Clan functions, a rank feature on a PC board, a wardrobe and a box enclosure that has changed into a mobile version.

At the option, it is possible to change the color of the cross-haired hair, and to modify the acme assist on/off function, the utilisation of the gyro sensor, and the various button interface presets.

I started playing the game not in solo mode, but through Squad Auto Matching, but I was able to play the same game with PC Bag 100 percent.

It seems like only Erangel Maps are in existence now, but like a PC board, they are waiting at the start of the island (although the PC version has been altered to start from a variety of locations), but they are also a spood.

With its own voice torque, I was able to play the first game following the voice guidance of a foreign user in Squad.

The overall game interface was similar to the other FPS mobile game, but it was surprising that all the gestures that appeared on the PC board were still implemented in the mobile phone. Struggling over walls that were used in official services, etc.

In particular, it allowed for a highly smooth target shot and movement of the field of vision, although the basic shot was omitted.

However, it was also easy to target the enemy because it was more difficult to aim at the enemy in detail than it was on the PC board.

I could also see that all the items provided on the PC board were also provided the same way, and to the best of my knowledge, the Erangel Map had the same building and topography as the PC board.

So, which part can feel the difference between the PC board and the model? Much is omitted from the graphic section. There are not many different things in the building.

Wall tile or texture detail was naturally reduced compared to PC boards, and the image of the grass forest and building in the distance was, of course, much crushed.

However, he made a clean appearance using HD graphics for mobile devices, and now he has a pop-up saying, ” Ultra-HD mode will be supported later, ” making it seem likely to upgrade graphics further.

I thought it was pretty much the same in the category, but if there were any differences, I could see a little more simplification being done in the areas of fatshead and item pamming controls.

For one thing, only two weapons can be loaded. In addition to this, you can choose from options, but when you approach a weapon with the basic function, you automatically acquire the weapon and pick up the bullet from the weapon you are carrying.

Also, recovery items such as bandages, first-aid kit, and energy drinks were automatically learned, while bags, helmets, and vests were automatically replaced at high levels at high levels.

In the case of guns, AR is considered a higher item than SMG, and although it is automatically picked up by AR, it is different from the previous battle ground.

The same was true of gun patrol. He is also known to have learned the gun pieces that are automatically mounted as soon as he has them.

Of course, since the user can change it manually, it is so designed that he can easily be touched and dragged on to the floor.

Many of these controls are omitted to make it more convenient for the mobile phone.

The movement also appears to be somewhat different from the past, so a strategic shooting using a tilt can be a little harder.

As a result, the fights between users are somewhat stiff.

It is new to me that I can fall on the battlefield only a few times when I touch the battlefield with my smartphone.

If you’ve already enjoyed playing at PC battles, it’s not that difficult to eat chicken at first. Of course, it has become more difficult to meet good users as the level of lighting has risen.

Some users say that they don’t feel the tension or touch of a PC board in mobile devices, but in reality they feel the same tension as they do in a battle as they do in a PC board.

Of course, I felt some shortcomings.

Since it brings the same symptoms to the mobile game, the game has a long breath.

I tried to focus on my smartphone for 30 minutes at the battle ground, which usually takes up to 30 minutes in a row, but my eyes were hurt and it was hard.

If mobile battlefield field is introduced in Korea, it would certainly make a difference to the domestic battle royal market.

As it already provides Asian servers in foreign countries, it is expected to be released in Korea soon.

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