I drank alcohol and slept yesterday

I drank alcohol and slept yesterday, so I heard the alarm in the morning, but I could not wake up. I just repeated it with my half-closed eyes saying, ” I have to eat breakfast … but my brother said he wanted to sleep after eating a lot yesterday.
It was a little over ten o’clock when I woke up completely. When I woke up, I took a morning exercise, finished a half bath, then I took a quick breakfast after washing myself.
We then went into the regular cycle mode, scrubbed the dishes, and washed the clothes to hang them out. I saw on the Internet that it was better to be ventilated once in a while than to be too stuffy even if there were fine dust, so, all windows at home were opened wide and cleaned up after a long time.
The time was well past when I finished all the chores around the house. I felt that it took a lot of work at home, and I felt comfortable living with my mother and grandmother. There was always a reason why my grandmother always stayed at home doing chores.
When I was ready to go out, I headed for the library. After moving, the library in this village is the first one to go, so I issued a membership card and borrowed a book. When I saw the students studying in the library, I wanted to go back to school.
On my way home from the library, someone shouted my name around … It was my brother. He greeted me while I was passing by in a car. When I first heard my name, I turned around and found a familiar face.★
I came home, read some books, and started making dinner in the evening. I was going to make some soup with spinach clams, but I forgot to buy it when I came back from the library.At last the state had to wait until tomorrow.
I bought a barrel of beanfish because I wanted to eat it, but it took longer to season it. But it is delicious so forgive me …Haha … After finishing oyster sauce fried rice with various side dishes, my brother arrived and had dinner with me.
I feel it these days, but I think I like cooking better than I thought. What a surprise.I like the way others eat my food. Well … Do you like to cook or eat other people?

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