Tattoo Siesta with my brother.

Tattoo Siesta with my brother.
Pictures from my first memory to my family.
And about the meaning of this painting, I add a mother article to it.

I first met him one afternoon in June 1982 at Vincent van Gogh, a classical music cafe.
During the Fraciman era, my college life was so humble and dull that I held lunch boxes with my reserve brothers and used to stay at a pub with beans cooked at the back of Deokjin Park, next to the school. And then, one day.
This one book thrown at me, like fate, was thrown in front of me. In the past two hours, like the first ten minutes of intense meetings, words like people, capitalists, the United States Empire, pashup regimes, May, Gwangju, liberation, revolution, recovery of humanity, and spiritual development were stuck in my mind. The 25-year-old man, who answered questions without reservation with the bright eyes of Gogh’s painting, said, ” It took me two hours to drive Herman Hesse out of the room, heat up my heart, and kindle enthusiasm.
With him came the life of a worker. The political struggle started in 1985 when a strike broke out at Guro industrial and in 1986, sex torture cases involving investigators were disclosed in Bucheon. As Park Jong-cheol was arrested illegally, tortured to death, and Lee Han-yeol died during the protests, the 6.10 uprising led to the labor struggle in 1987. For two years, until the presidential election in December, my comrades and comrades lived in battles at work and on the streets.
I started out as a sewing worker in Guro industrial and then I turned around 20 times in the flower farm, and now I am making my own clothes.
Starting from the time of his vocational training camp, he became a husband at the workplace in his 35th year, and is about to retire from his post at the financial services division. In 1987, two girls were born in nine years of detention on the ground of the union’s struggle for democratization, and now they are all grown up.
His reticence, living in one place at a time that is quite the same as mine, sometimes looks at other places, is now at the core of labor and capital, two wheels leading to the industrial society in Korea.
Still, we love Vincent van Gogh, and for the 20th year we have hung up a painting, ” Nap, ” which describes the rest of a rural farmer’s couple.
Some time ago, my oldest daughter recommended watching Vincent’s movie, and handed over the poster of the movie.
Growing up with Van Gogh’s paintings since childhood, the second shows that he had tattooed a nap as a sign of his love for his mother and father.
I went to Jeonju and happened to see Vincent van Gogh.
No traces of the days of the classic music tearoom with a music box filled with LP records in 1982 are left, and a 19-year-old girl was welcomed by Vincent Van Gogh who loved Herman Hesse.
As the stars return home after a yellow moon on a bright night, I look forward to meeting the 25-year-old at the cafe of Gogh.

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