Hammung Food Division

Hammung Food Division
1 cup of fried noodles that will keep your mouth soft
The air for the farmhand
1 cup noodles with broth
Spam is also a real asset, adding half of a barrel
3 pieces of chicken the youngest left yesterday is valuable
After eating fried eggs and vegetables
I was watching Facebook, and I felt sick about it.
We don’t need a diet.
You should cut down and fix your bad eating habits.
Delicious and exercise correctly.
Exercise correctly and eat deliciously.
Nothing is natural.
Even though I eat like that by steady habit
It is sustainable.
So you can do it.
Without setting a goal of two months
Try it for a year or two. I did it without giving up.
– P.S. –
That’s another piece of junk.
A video that is clean enough to do
I will post it after editing it beautifully.
I represent a company.
When I started my business
We started out as a solo company.
Many people talked.
You can’t.
Many people speak now.
He’s the leader of the team.
9) The company should be run with 9 team members.
I have worked with many friends with money on the sharing vision.
My vision has become a torture of hope
One or two people if you don’t pay
He left me.
With so much time and effort,
I got my team, not my staff.
They’re not employees.
It’s my company’s property.
My team tells me when I get into debt and hit the back.
If you can’t do it alone,
We are here, so don’t act like a fool. ”
So I have no fear if the company closes today.
– We have 400,000 non-consumer family members.
I gathered a family of not 400,000 customers on Naver starting with Hammiet blog Harubang Textbooks.
My family talk.
If there’s something good I’ll go with you
I support you when you’re in trouble.
When I do something wrong, I give it away.
Said the Jaemiet family.
” My brother is Jaemiet’s brother and sister, so we are proud of him and cheer him up. ”
So it doesn’t bother me.
Now the company is again in trouble.
Be in trouble.
We consider this crisis an opportunity.
Although there is no small warehouse to produce, package and stack products
You don’t have to pay for it.
Without a word from us
We’ll be borrowing other factories from morning to manufacture, package,
It is being delivered.
Many mistakes, many problems,
I don’t give up.
Because I am a representative and I have 9 team members and 400,000 family members.
People who make fun of me, count the city, and try to use me.
Listen carefully.
You’ll earn money and increase your assets in business.
I get people in business
Because I’m gon na get more people.
You’ll never beat me.
Be nervous forever.
Our crisis is an opportunity.
That we are running a growing company, not a successful one.

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