I never thought so many people would sympathize with and give advice on this issue

I never thought so many people would sympathize with and give advice on this issue. I admire each and every single story and feel the grandeur of the mother again in the deep hearts of the mothers. Oh, I miss my mom.
(I gave up writing comments.But you know what I think?)
She hasn’t been biting the parquet since she was very young. Instead, I washed my fingers well, but I put two of my five fingers in my mouth at the same time, so we called her a pacifist. (You know what the rockers do with a peace hand.)I worried that my finger would hurt from sucking so hard, but after passing the stone, I naturally stopped sucking my finger at some point. I haven’t eaten milk powder since then.
I believe there is a time for everything, so I respect my child’s instinct and desire while raising him. And it makes me feel less stressed. But we all know that, don’t we? My instinct is always to control it without ringing it, so I also constantly struggle with the problem of degree and timing.
Some people ask me how I can continue breast-feeding in my work. I had been in the studio for seven months, and after that, I had a week’s worth of oil for a small surgical operation, so the sheep naturally decreased, so I was able to feed them without difficulty. At that point, my husband offered sweet milk, but what he has continued to do so is to make me feel comfortable. I guess every mother of a baby knows it’s harder to get up at dawn and burn milk powder. If mother is hard, baby is hard. These days, milk powder goes well, so you can do it according to the circumstances and circumstances. I naturally mixed it with milk powder because of my situation and thankfully Seo was a good eater.
But I was still worried about sweet milk because I was worried that my baby’s teeth could be damaged. I don’t want to hurt him. As I read each of your sincere comments, I was moved by the fact that we supported each other and comforted each other rather than actually felt that we had learned a great deal of know-how from each of your comments. It’s like the mother’s companionship. Maybe some of you are patting your sleeping baby and reading this feed.
The existence of a mother
Give it all and see if there’s anything lacking.
I think he is constantly apologizing.
I will read each of the comments again and prepare the short version in the way Seo wants. Today, I learned a lot …

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